Vb net assembly version not updating

Vb net assembly version not updating

I can manually set the assembly to match the Click Once, which I'll do for now, but it would be far neater if there was a choice of using the assembly or the deploy version. Hi Mike, Yes, by default the monitor use the version number of the assembly, using Assembly. Version = new Version(1, 2, 3, 4); var monitor = Analytics Monitor Factory.

Get Entry Assembly() as the first choice and Assembly. But it's possible to report any version number you want: simply create the monitor with settings and in those settings specify the desired version number. Create Monitor(settings); I'm not certain about the specifics of retrieving the version number in a Click Once scenario like yours, but I'd be happy to hear about how you solve it so we can start a "best practices" for Click Once deployed applications.

No more deploying to IIS as a service, for example, you’re going to need full control on the box so bye bye Azure websites and all sorts of other hosting options.

You get a lot of stuff in project templates these days. What often happens is developers compile then commit the bin and obj files to source control.

I come across these issues pretty frequently and the pattern is constant enough that I reckon it deserves just a little bit of effort to jot down some practices to streamline things.

The concepts are pretty broad and generally interchangeable across technologies but I’m picking .

Now I’m fully conscious that this is one of those sometimes-religious sort of debates in terms of what constitutes a good commit message, but let me self-ingratiate for a moment and share some of my own from Pineapple Surprise: Each commit message succinctly tells you why the change was made an in some cases further embellishes with detail that’s actually pretty useful if someone else needs to come along and figure out what the hell is actually going on.

So a solution where we have multiple projects, we also have to maintain assembly versions to track the current version in production.

Maintaining assembly versions for all projects becomes a pain when we have to manually modify the version for each and every project in the solution.

Here’s a good place to kick off: someone sends over a project, it hits the build server and… In fact even if you do have a “Program Files” directory on the machine, if you nest the project too deep than the relative traversing back up to that folder is going to break.

Many times developers just simply don’t even realise the reference even exists, they nonchalantly added it at some point ages ago and of course everything continues to work just fine… Similar but different to the last point, you also don’t want to end up with the project only working when specific software is installed on the developer’s machine.

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Reduce support by fixing run-time crashes as they occur, obtain user insights such as location and system configuration, find and remove application bottlenecks, and track which features are used most to help prioritize development.

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