Validating empty data from xml files motorola 6412 iii firmware updating

Validating empty data from xml files

Develop in-demand skills with access to thousands of expert-led courses on business, tech and creative topics.I recently needed to verify the integrity of a large number of XML files that are stored in Azure Blob Storage.It is worth noting that the function has a return type of Hash Set.In the process of developing this utility, I encountered serious performance issues due to the sheer number of XML files I needed to parse, compounded by the number of tags within each file. CDM) is empty or is not found Cannot find document/directory Error: Validate with data file failed Thanks, Santosh Hi Santosh, The error is coming while mapping the transformation file with the flat file which means the problem is in the *mapping section. So in that case you need not mention anything in the mapping section. Create a flat file and maintain a single record with the headers as ENTITY and so on. In the above flat file remove the header, in place of ENTITY=ZENTITY, use ENTITY=*COL(1), if zentity is the first column in the flat file.

Please advise[Start validating transformation file]Validating transformation file format Validating options...

I started off with an empty Console Application in Visual Studio 2013.

Knowing that I would be accessing a Cloud Storage account, I added the Windows Azure Storage Nu Get package to my solution.

CONVERSIONConversion file: Data Manager\Conversion Files\CHANNEL.

CONVERSIONConversion file: Data Manager\Conversion Files\ZENTITY.

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I first added the boilerplate code to identify the blobs in my Storage account that contained XML.

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