Validating a dropdownlist in javascript deaf singles dating website

Validating a dropdownlist in javascript

The action attribute tells the browser what to do when a user submits the form.

If you want to test this form, change this e-mail address to your own e-mail address.

Because the code is stored within the page or within a linked file, it is downloaded into the browser when a user accesses the page and, therefore, doesn't require a roundtrip to the server.

For this reason, client form validation can be faster than server-side validation.

For more information about HTML and Web scripting, see one or more of the following references.

When referring to Java Script in general, this article uses the generally accepted term "Java Script." However, when referring to documentation on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site, this article uses the term "JScript." Note The previous code specifies an e-mail address for the Action attribute of the form property.

For more information, see ACTION Attribute | action Property and form property.

In addition, each of the fields should have a unique name.

Use the following table to assign names to all of your form elements.

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Note Front Page Server Extensions are a set of programs that provide access to special Front Page features, such as database processing, form processing, hit counters, and other built-in Front Page components that require server-side processing.

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