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Secrets to dating younger women

They won’t just have sex with anyone, they have to have a reason. Here’s another big fact that men miss, younger women are in their breeding years. But hell…most older women (and the majority by age 50) have lost the vast majority of their sexual desire and they’re pissed about it to.

Estrogen is pumping through us like oil through a well that is gushing. I’m not saying all older women are crazy, ugly, fat, mean, or non-sex giving. I know this is harsh talk coming from woman, but I’m not just any woman–I am your wing girl Look, you have an unfair advantage with me. ) So stop fantasizing about hot women that are 10’s…while going home with 3’s (or worse Rosie and her five sisters.) Life is too short to settle!

I started meeting women everywhere after that, not in bars, mostly in bookstores, coffee shops, events and all the other secret places you said to look, and it was just what she said, these girls were anxious to meet me. Now I’m with a great 35 year old sales executive, and seriously, I had never even seen pictures of a girl as hot naked and she is, and she’s crazy about me.

I can tell you this for sure if you had never told me what to do and say, I would’ve never stood a chance with her. Now that I’m off the market, I’m telling my best buddies about your stuff.

Basically, everything I’m about to show you boils down to 17 simple psychological triggers. Triggers are amazing things because they don’t work some of the time.. I promise you, if you follow these triggers I’m about to show you, like other guys that have been shown the system, YOU will succeed.

Honestly, these are things women don’t even realize attract them, but they do….. These are primitive triggers and more tricks and tweaks rather than things you have to do or make an effort at. The same triggers have worked since we lived in CAVES!

A woman that will never leave you stuck holding the bag or that you will ever be ashamed of in public.

I help guys like the one in the story above live out their fantasies with the beautiful young women of their dreams while turning their buddies green with envy in the process. Do you really think a girl like me dates the “studs” my own age?

Oh, and by the way, I am taking a hot chick to Vegas for the weekend all because of your help.”“Hey Heather, it’s Eddie from Plano Texas. After getting your course, I’m having the most fun at 55 years old I’ve ever had in my life. Just follow my system, listen to the recordings, make a few notes, and go out on the town. Why wouldn’t it work for you when it’s worked for every other guy I’ve ever showed it to? When you order my system by midnight tonight, I’m going to add as a free bonus my complete text any woman in the bed, cut-and-paste text message file, as my gift to you (and maybe an extra surprise or two, too) Today, if your not texting you’re not getting laid.

I haven’t been on a date yet with a woman over 35, that’s my new ceiling. I thought I was looking for a new wife, but I think I like the sport even more. Don’t you go judging me.” Who else do you know that’s got a get your trophy woman guarantee? If you haven’t met, dated, and even bedded the hottest young woman you’ve ever had in your life within 30 days, I insist you take your money back. Not only does it work for all of my students, they show it to their buddies and it works for them to. OKAY, because I know you’re a man, and I know men procrastinate, I’m going to tempt you with a bribe to take action right now. Young women text more than e-mail, more than date, and more than they talk on the phone.

But if you deviate from the natural order any way, you’re almost sure to fail.

It’s not me, it’s just the laws of human behavior, and those laws can’t be broken or even bent.

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That’s why were much more likely to try new things, sexual adventures, threesomes foursomes and moresomes. You probably remember what it was like at the beginning of your past relationships, when you screwed like bunnies and couldn’t get enough of each other. I am just saying that your odds of happiness with younger women are…well frankly… I’m a girl that’s going to tell you what that hot young thing is really thinking…those couple of little tricks that will push her over the edge…the things that make her blood boil and her juices flow. Look, I’m betting if you’ve read this letter this far down, you’re a man’s man.

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