Interacial dating forum Louisiana flirt sites only

Interacial dating forum

In todays world opportunities for women to express their sexuality and share their same interests.

Women have been given power to not only become sexually independent but feel good about it too.

If you're a CEO, rich doctor, investment banker, etc. So when would such a man be interested in a sugar daddy arrangement. For some men, maintaining their freedom (staying single) or having a hot girl on the side without an expensive divorce may well be worth the cost of upkeep.

For those sort of people sugar daddying is a win-win situation. Now that I have been to PI a couple times, met and chatted with hundreds of girls and conversed with dozens of middle aged Western guys who live there or met their wives their I can categorically state the following: if you are a halfway viable middle aged guy interested in marriage or a committed relationship to a Filipina, young and even hot Filipinas will line up around the block to meet you.

I'm talking about a marriage or a long term committed relationship.------------------------------------- Let me clarify something clearly so there's no misunderstanding. They will spend a lot when the situation calls for it. And they would NEVER date an uneducated girl from a poor family or lower class. Even middle class Filipino guys don't date poor girls. I've explained this numerous times in the past, but you keep returning to this assumption. Maybe you can't comprehend me, so you can only interpret my preference as "not having enough money". We appear to be VERY different people after all, perhaps more than I thought. Even a chess computer assumes that a human player will make the same logical moves and calculations that it does. Also, if a girl is higher quality (in my book), I feel like spending more on her, because I feel she is worth it.Even if I had your money, it would NOT change my attitude about being a sugar daddy to girls. I do enjoy buying gifts for girls and treating them, but I don't like having to pay for every little thing in their life, including all their bills and expenses, and giving them an "allowance" while I'm away. You gotta understand that a common human fallacy is that we assume that others think the same way we do. lol Furthermore, I prefer to be generous to girls that do not make me feel obligated to be generous, which is a turn off. If I dated a Japanese girl with education and smooth skin, for example, I would gladly spend a lot more on her than I would on a poor Filipina. I wouldn't mind being a sugar daddy to a Filipina or Thai for short term, if I'm having sex with her. I would not want to be a sugar daddy in a long term relationship. This is the LITERAL TECHNICAL truth of my position. Thanks, Winston Check out my fun video clips in Russia and video series Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind and Full Russia Trip Videos!I've heard several people on this board throw around the term sugar daddy, especially in regards to ladislav and I have to laugh at how delusional they are.Women in the West and some men use the term as a shaming technique, as in "He only gets hot girls cause he's a sugar daddy." Hell, even ladislav uses the term toward himself sometimes but I have a feeling his notion of what it is is a bit different.

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He keeps assuming that the reason I don't like to do that, is because I don't have enough money to do so.

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