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The Saudis and its allied are too stupid to realize that they have been taken on a ride.

Turkey is on the verge of crumbling as Erdogan keeps attacking the USA and Egypt and has not solve the issue with Israel on Hamas and the defunct Moslem Brotherhood.

Posted by b on June 18, 2016 at AM | Permalink Many pundits have argued that there is no military solution in Syria.

It will be fought out in the corridors of power in Washington first. in response to your question, i think the usa will continue to move in the same direction, lie and obfuscate in all the same ways it has been doing all along.. anything to get rid of the headchopper cult of saudi arabia would be good.. Note:1) The San Bernandino attackers had visited Saudi Arabia and the wife had lived there.

had planned to let those forces move north towards Deir Ezzor and to defeat the Islamic State in that city. There is a large operation planned to free Deir Ezzor from the Islamic State occupation. The Obama administration's delaying tactic will now have to end. Syria and Iran need to take the gloves off and use their own special forces or better still encourage proxy forces of their own [unattributed of course]to cripple the Saudi economy with various 'incidents' at Ras Tamara oil port.

Putin has been in speech very conciliatory recently to show the usual ‘good will’.. and, the msm will tell us just how bad russia is for all of it too! They were well established in the USA and drew little if any suspicion.

the change has to be with russia and clearly they see this and are acting on it too. this good cop/bad cop (obama/brennan) routine is a pile of bullshite.. hey - i don't know what my left hand is doing while my left hand is doing something else.. They could have attacked months before or after the time that they actually did attack.

S.-backed forces battling the Islamic State militants. These latest strikes occurred on the other side of the country from the usual Russian operations, around Tanf, a town near where the borders of Jordan, Iraq, and Syria meet. The Russian strike hit a small rebel base for staging forces and equipment in a desolate, unpopulated area near the border. command center in Qatar, where the Pentagon orchestrates the daily air war against Islamic State. (Some may enjoy Helmer, who sometimes must be taken with a dose of salt, linked below, MH17, etc. Syria.) Read in the Swiss Press (no idea if true) that di Mistura is fed up with the lot of them, implied he will throw in the towel. This distancing may simply be misdirection that allows ISIS to carry out spectacular attack(s) against Russian interests.

About 180 rebels were there as part of the Pentagon's program to train and equip fighters against Islamic State. Not that a return to the negotiating table is realistic, that ship has now sailed into the stormy night, the US can’t try that move again, nor will the Russians be so compliant next time (imho.) So that is one thing the US won’t do (? (b’s question.) The rubber is going to hit the road on this one. That it pre-dates attacks on Russian interests merely shows that they learned from the San Bernandino experience (where a lack of previous attacks raised suspicions).

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supported rebels, the Taliban like Ahrar al Sham and al-Qaeda joined to attack the Syrian government in south Aleppo. The Russian foreign minster Lavrov has talked wit Kerry many times about the issue. Earlier today another such attack hit the same target. British and Jordan special operations forces are part of the ground component (and probably the majority of the "Syrian" fighters.) There is no al-Qaeda there. But they wanted to make the point that it is either separation everywhere or separation nowhere. But John Brennan, the Saudi operative and head of the CIA, still seems to have Obama's ear. Shoot down a Russian jet and thereby endanger any U. @2 It's always been clear to me that he is not some tremendous beacon of peace for Syria but the alternative was Mc Cain and he definitely wanted and still wants more w/ ever a burning yearning for absolute overt total war against Syria. Direct confrontation with Russia is (of course) too risky.

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