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If you own one of these guns and it has a letter in the serial number, the letter is a code that represents; G = Lightweight, M = Standard Weight, V = 12 Gauge Magnum, S = Sweet Sixteen and X = 20 Gauge. "One of my favorite things to do in the Fall is to go to the Turkey Shoots.For those of you that may not know what I'm talking about, a Turkey Shoot is where a bunch of guys bring their shot guns to an event usually sponsored by a Community Center or Volunteer Fire Department.Any available statistics for the Browning Auto-5 Self-Loading, Semi-Automatic Shotgun are showcased in the areas immediately below.Categories include basic specifications covering initial year of service, country-of-origin and manufacture(s) involved in bringing the weapon to market.Due to the distinct design of the receiver, Auto-5s were also known as "Humpbacks".

He found a taker in the Belgian concern of Fabrique National (FN) and production ramped up in 1902.Browning Auto-5, 20 gauge semi-auto shotgun, 26 inch vent rib barrel, 2 3/4 inch chamber, Modified choke.This is a very nice Browning A5 shotgun in the highly desirable 20 gauge version.Design work on the Auto-5 began in 1898 to which Browning secured a patent for his "autoloading" design the following year.The action (known as "long-recoil") depended on the temporarily joined bolt-and-barrel recoiling backwards in unison to help re-cock the hammer for subsequent firing.

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